Weekly Stories from You: Robocalls Make Essential Rest Impossible

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

We all need sleep, but some of us need more rest than others. But it’s really hard to sleep when you phone is ringing off the hook. This week, we’re featuring Julie’s story. She’s a busy mom suffering from a chronic disease. In order to be her best self, Julie needs to rest every afternoon. Robocalls consistently interrupt this essential sleep:

I suffer from a chronic disease. It is vital that I sleep every afternoon for an hour or two in order to function enough as a mom in the evening time. My phone consistently wakes me up with robocall after robocall. They seem to increase in numbers every time I deal with the state for our business, or pay off a form of credit, which can only lead me to believe they are selling my information.

The majority of the time there is no one on the other end, if I make the mistake of answering. However, right around the exact time I accidently answer one of those blank calls I will start receiving multiple calls the next several weeks around those times (as if they were phishing for the times I am home and then preying on me).

You may think it would be easy to just take my phone off the hook, however I have four children and if I am needed, I am needed and the phone is the quickest line of communication between them, the school and myself.

There are days that I will go without sleep because of these robocalls. This can affect my physical and mental state, truly.

My family thinks I exaggerate the occurrence of these calls. However, my oldest son came home sick one afternoon that I was out of the house for a doctor’s appointment. He was irritable when I came back home. He said the phone had been ringing every twenty to thirty minutes and he couldn’t get any rest. He asked how I could handle having that every day. That is when I knew it wasn’t just my annoyance making me feel like I was being called often, but it was indeed true!

Give sick people a rest please!

We agree with Julie. No one should have to deal with robocalls interrupting their rest and recovery. That’s why we’re calling on the phone companies to offer their customers free, effective tools to Phone on Fireblock unwanted, unwelcome robocalls. You can learn more about the movement and join with hundreds of thousands of other consumers to End Robocalls by clicking here.

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