Weekly Stories from You: Robocall to Cell Phone Creates Hazard

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

RobertIf you choose to designate your cell phone for emergencies, every time the phone rings is urgent. Imagine your disappointment and frustration then if you go out of your way to answer a call only to be greeted by a robot. That’s exactly what happened to Robert of Haverford, Pennsylvania: 
“I am sometimes mistaken for another individual who has problems with a debt collector.  That means I must deal with debt collectors at my home telephone. Although I did nothing wrong, it is an emotionally draining experience at best. At worst, it is demeaning and insulting.

Once a collector did reach me on my cell phone. Since I reserve that phone for emergencies or very important calls, I pulled off the side of the road to answer the call. This created a road hazard, but not as bad as if I had broken the law in my state and continued to talk and drive.

At the conclusion of the ten minute conversation, I was not only late for my appointment,  but emotionally drained and stressed, and this had an affect on my driving. I was not dangerous, but I was not as good a driver as I normally might be. I was not treated with respect by the debt collector, to say the least.

Unlike calls to my home phone, calls to my cell phone have an effect on innocent people around me. Those innocent people may be other drivers on the road while I talk to the debt collector while driving, fellow employees at work if I get the call while at work, other guests at a dinner party if I get the call at that occasion. What is wrong with a debt collector using the mail or a home phone? They have no greater right to interrupt my day than the neighbor down the street that I avoid by not answering calls.

Remember that debt collectors and telemarketers usually disguise their telephone  number so that you do not realize it is a debt collector calling. The natural reaction is to think the call is an emergency and answer rather than let it bounce into voice mail. The idea of allowing these people to access a cell phone is dangerous to me, and to those innocent people around me...”

Robert wants control of his phone back, that’s why he supports End Robocalls. We think everyone should be able to decide whether or not they get robocalls. Agree? Join with the more than half a million consumers who are working to get the phone companies to offer free, effective tools to block robocalls here.

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