Weekly Stories from You: Robocalls to Leigh’s Cell Phone Disrupt Her While She’s Teaching

Christina Tetreault
Staff Attorney

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Leigh 1Robocalls invade millions of homes each year, but escaping the pesky intrusions isn’t always as easy as leaving the house. Robocalls now more than ever are ringing directly into the pockets of many Americans, tying up cell phone lines left and right. This can be extremely problematic for some, especially those who must leave their cell phones on during work hours. Just ask Leigh, of Danbury, Connecticut.

“I must keep my phone on me all the time as I am responsible for my 93 year old aunt who has health issues. I am also a high school physical education teacher. My administrators and students know that if my phone rings, I may have to answer it immediately.

These last several months, my phone has been receiving robocalls. I answered the first several until I realized what it was all about and now let the rings go to voice mail. Of course no messages are left so I know that the calls have no purpose.  

I have switched my phone to vibrate and must now have it on my person at all times. This is sometimes physically restricting in the gym, but now necessary.  Of course when the phone vibrates I have to stop class to look at my phone. This sets a terrible tone for my students. The robocalls have increased. I have done a do not call list. It hasn’t helped… Please STOP THE ROBOCALLS!!!”

Leigh should be left in peace to do her job the way she does best: uninterrupted by robocalls. Consumers pay for service, and deserve to have more control over their phone lines. That’s why we’re calling on phone companies to offer free tools to stop robocalls to their customers. Join our fight today here!

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