Weekly Stories from You: Robocalls Waste Daughter’s Time with Mother

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

JMIt’s said that the only thing lost that cannot be reclaimed is time.

Many, many consumers have written to tell us how robocalls waste their time. We’ve heard how robocalls cost time with clients, loved ones, or colleagues. It’s a common theme in the thousands and thousands of stories End Robocalls supporters have shared.

This week, we are featuring a story with a twist on the theme of wasted time. JM shares how an imperfect solution to stopping the robocalls that plague her mother still results in wasted time:

My 84 year old mother gets 2-3 calls a day. There have been times when we have spoken to an actual person and ask them to remove her phone number from the list and/or stop calling and they became rude. Because she has an analog landline with AT&T, it is not possible to use the new technology to block the robocalls. So I had to purchase a phone that allows calls to be blocked without answering the phone. But I have to spend 15-20 minutes each week going through my mother’s call log blocking phone numbers.

No one should lose precious time with a loved one because of robocalls. We believe that phone companies can and should put an end to robocalls by offering free, effective tools to stop robocalls.

Fed up with robocalls? Join with JM and more than half a million of us working to End Robocalls.

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