Join us this Sunday as Consumers Union anti-scam experts Maureen Mahoney and Christina Tetreault table at the Art of Financial Well-Being Resource Fair. This free event is at San Francisco’s Jewish Community Center (JCCSF, located at 3200 California Street in San Francisco) from 11 to 3.

Find out how to avoid “Gimmicks and Gotchas.” We’ve got information on everything from classic scams to shady practices to legal products that just might leave you worse off than before you got them. (Payday loans anyone?)

We know this is an important topic because consumers keep telling us about calls from scammers, who try to trick them with fake magazine subscription offers, credit card interest rate come-ons, and Medicare scams:

“I am besieged by robocall telemarketers. Somehow, they have discovered that my wife and I are on Medicare. They are peddling every conceivable scam aimed at Medicare-aged persons. How can I stop it?”

– Edward of Ingleside, TX

There’s more going than just the resource fair at the event; go to the Art of Financial Well-Being website for details.

We hope to see you at the Consumers Union booth at the Art of Financial Well-Being event, but if you can’t join us, please share your Gimmicks and Gotchas story! For more information about how to avoid Gimmicks and Gotchas, see our Gimmicks and Gotchas tab.