Consumers won a huge victory when opponents of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) tried and failed again to repeal the law. When thousands of people shared their personal stories of why healthcare protections mattered to them, other people noticed and joined the fight to protect our care. Passionate grassroots activism stopped this attempt to take away our healthcare, but we have to be ready to show up in big numbers again to protect our care.

With lawmakers home on recess this month, we urge you to continue making your voice heard, by attending a town hall, calling them, and tweeting.

With repeated threats to end important cost-sharing reduction payments that help people afford healthcare, now is the time to remind Congress how much support there is for keeping our healthcare protections–that is why we are launching the #WhyHealthcareMatters campaign.

Click here to download and print our flyer. Write in why healthcare matters to you (preferably in print with a permanent marker). Then share your photo with your elected officials on Twitter or Facebook to hold them accountable for protecting our care. Use the hashtag #WhyHealthcareMatters so that we can amplify your stories.

Are you concerned you won’t be able to afford health insurance? Are you worried about premium increases? Higher out of pocket costs for your prescription medicine?

We want to know that our healthcare coverage is here to stay, but the threat remains. We have to be prepared for more battles on the road ahead. Sharing your story now with your elected officials will help remind them that consumers aren’t backing down.

Learn more about ways that you can take action this month on healthcare.