New research findings from the New England Journal of Medicine found that one out of five patients being seen at an emergency room in an in-network hospital is seen by an out-of-network doctor. This comes as no surprise to Consumers Union. We have been hearing heartbreaking out-of-network stories from members across the country for more than a year. Just this past week, member Tracey Davis shared his story with NBC. Back in August, Tracey broke his ankle and ended up “with a bill for more than $700, because the emergency room physician who treated Tracey wasn’t in their insurance network”.

It’s great to know that surprise medical bills are finally starting to get the attention they deserve. This past week, Consumers Union’s work and expertise on this issue was highlighted on ABC news, The New York Times, CBS News, Seattle Times and Thrillest.

In order to continue the momentum against surprise medical calls, we need to hear from you. Please sign our petition and share your personal story with out of network bills.