Last week, the Supreme Court reaffirmed a key element of the health reform law that allows millions of Americans to get tax credit discounts on their health insurance.

The Court put to rest a longstanding argument over whether or not these discounts apply in all states. The decision ensures that no matter where you live, if you qualify for a discount on health insurance, you will continue to get it.

We all know insurance can be wildly unaffordable, particularly for those that have to buy it outside of an employer. The Court’s decision puts to rest challenges to the law, and gives us an opportunity to move beyond political rhetoric and focus on critical reforms that are still needed to make sure each of us has access to decent, affordable coverage.

Consumers Union is working on important issues like stopping surprise medical bills, wrangling rising healthcare costs and fighting the overuse of antibiotics.

We know the debate will continue about the healthcare law. Some things can’t be stopped. But remember that the nation’s uninsured rate has dropped from 20 percent to 13 percent since the Affordable Care Act was put in place –the lowest since Gallup started tracking it. And more than 14 million people have gained coverage because of the new law.

There’s plenty of work to be done, and we will be focused on making new gains while celebrating the Supreme Court decision.