What are these meetings all about? These meetings are about you!

When your members of Congress are back in their districts during a congressional recess, they need to hear from you! These opportunities are an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions, share your concerns, and find out exactly what your members are doing in Congress and share your concerns about Consumer Union’s priority issues.

How to Prepare for this meeting? Once you’ve located the meeting (which we will be assisting you with), there are a few things you should do to prepare for the meeting:

In the Town Hall? Remember, this is about you, your quality of life, and that they work for you!

After the Town Hall?

Can’t Make a Town Hall? Drop by your lawmaker’s office or give them a call! If elected officials don’t hear from you, you’ve got to assume that nobody is speaking to them about issues that impact your life. They need this crucial data to make important decisions, so what are you waiting for?

For our health care advocates we have set up a special number to call your Senator. Please feel free to dial— 1.844.311.1880 — and follow the prompts to be heard on the reasons health care matters to you.

If you drop by your lawmakers’ offices

If you can’t find a town hall near you, you can always swing by your lawmakers offices near where you live to share your thoughts in person—no appointment necessary! Feel free to check out our tips below.

Some helpful tips for talking to lawmakers or their staff

Remember, they work for you. Your concerns and personal experiences are important. Here are some general tips for your drop-by: