CU joins diverse groups speaking out against media consolidation

Consumers Union Joins Diverse Groups in Speaking Out Against Media Consolidation As FCC Considers New Rules

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
(Washington, DC) — As the Federal Communications Commission gets ready to re-write rules on media ownership, Consumers Union released an animated Internet video called, “Resist the Tower, Fight Media Power,” which can be found at At the end of the video, consumers can send a letter to the Federal Communications Commission with their concerns about the media ownership issue.
Gene Kimmelman, vice president of federal and international relations for Consumers Union, spoke at a news conference about widespread concern regarding concentration and bias in the media, and announced the formation of a diverse alliance of consumer, civil rights, labor and media reform groups called to fight greater media consolidation.
Consumers Union also joined Frank Blethen, publisher of the Seattle Times in a letter to Congress urging members to ensure that the FCC’s rules promote competition, diversity, and localism.
The FCC is expected to start the rulemaking process this week, and could propose rules that would allow a handful of media corporations to swallow up more local television channels and newspapers.
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