Peter Lee Named First Director of California Health Benefits Exchange


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peter Lee Named First Director of California Health Benefits Exchange
Statement From Consumers Union’s Betsy Imholz

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — California’s Health Benefits Exchange Board today announced the selection of Peter Lee as the first permanent Executive Director of the California Health Benefits Exchange.

California’s Exchange is a key component of the federal Affordable Care Act and will create a new competitive health insurance marketplace where individuals, families, and small businesses can shop and receive help paying for health insurance.  Betsy Imholz, Consumers Union’s Special Projects Director, released the following statement on the announcement:

“Consumers Union commends the Exchange Board for its choice of Peter Lee as the Exchange’s first Executive Director. His deep knowledge of health policy and the needs of consumers, along with his work with a range of stakeholders make him an excellent choice to steer the Exchange towards creating a health insurance marketplace that works for all Californians.”

“There’s a lot of heavy lifting needed to transform our current, dysfunctional health insurance marketplace into one where plans compete on the basis of cost, quality and service.  Peter’s background as a strong advocate for improving healthcare quality and affordability will serve the California Exchange well as it works toward fostering greater access to high caliber health coverage.”  


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