Lawmakers passed HB 221 on March 11 which protects consumers against surprise medical bills when they have no choice but to use out-of-network medical providers. Bill submitted to Governor on March 30 and it was signed into law on April 14, 2016.

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We have a great opportunity to make some big improvements in Florida this year. Help us grow support to win protections from surprise medical bills. Your actions will make a difference!
  • Thank your Florida lawmakers for protecting you from surprise medical bills!
    Your Florida Senators and Representatives passed legislation protecting you from surprise medical bills — the kind you get when an in-network hospital serves you with out-of-network labs and doctors. This is a huge victory and this bill will be a model for other states!
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Stories We've Heard

Radiologist surprise bill
In 2012, a family member was asked to go to emergency room for abdominal and pelvic pain. A claim for radiology services provided by Radiology was processed as out-of-network. They are charging an amount of $817 for the procedures.

Since it was an emergency, she had no recourse in choosing or even knowing who is in and out of network. BCBSFL was willing to pay $147.21 as an out-of-network provider but not more than that. The provider first refused to accept this as full payment.

After much wrangling and writing a letter to the doctor, the provider accepted the out-of-network payment.

ER doctors rip you off in many other ways. There is no limit on what they can charge. Any attempts to limit what a doctor can charge have failed in Florida, while getting fracking approved and concealed weapons allowed on campus are as easy as pie.


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