We put out a call to the grassroots to fight back against illegal robocalls — and thousands of you answered that call. We’re primed to fight back against unwanted robocalls.

The constant stream of illegal telemarketing calls — many of them from scammers trying to make a quick buck — have motivated consumers to speak up. So far, we’ve received over 25,000 stories from consumers like you. Some of the most powerful stories have come from caregivers. Elizabeth of Vermont says: “We get calls at all hours. My husband is terminally ill with cancer. I am his caregiver. The last thing we need right now is a bunch of phone calls that we don’t want!! It has to stop!!”

Night workers are also sick and tired of intrusive calls. For example, Helenisa of Louisiana works the night shift as a nurse. She only has time for a few hours’ sleep during the day – and the calls keep her from getting practically any sleep at all. “[W]hen I am getting to bed just falling asleep, usually after lunch, the call comes, wakes me up then I am not able to go back to sleep. Since I get up at 5 pm to be at work 6:45 pm till 7:30 am next day I get less than 4 hours sleep and rest to work 12 plus hours again. Block those calls please!”

But things are starting to change. Authorities in Washington are currently considering whether to allow phone companies to effectively block robocalls with promising new tools. Together we sent a strong message with over 50,000 signatures to regulators in support of call-blocking, and over 23,500 of you offered your own thoughts to them. We are moving forward and our grassroots efforts are making a difference!

How have robocalls affected you and your family? Share your thoughts!